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Entry #2

Ten years

2017-10-21 17:56:29 by Sterance

I can't believe its been ten years since i made this account. I started going here in around 2001 or so (i remember that hillarious website design), but i never wanted to post until 2007 after that massive redisgn.

I've got lots of memories on this site; too many to list out here. I'm just happy that Tom has kept the ship running for so long. Would i have turned down millions of dollars to sell this place in my 20's like he did? I'm not so sure. I don't think most people realize that this site is living history. How many flash cartoons are there from people no longer with us? NG probably has the only copy of most of the cartoons on here. And lets not forget that NG set up rev sharing before anyone else. People were making money, maybe even a living, on this site long before youtube. 

Let's hope Tom keeps it alive forever (and sends a copy of everything to Jason Scott for archiving). 



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