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Its the year 2020, 15 years after the release of defenders of the supermart3. Its still funny, and i still quote the ointment line all the time (much to everyone's confusion). I'll check back in the year 2050 on my laser hologram and this will still be funny.

breaking my boycott

I'm breaking my boycott of the review system just for this flash. You made a reference to roger wilco, and ayla in the same flash. Basically you just made a reference to every good game i grew up playing. You get a 10 for that and for the skill, style, and all that jazz. You win

Best movie ever.

This is by far the best movie i have seen on newgrounds. It beats bitey, and it beats blockhead. This flash had exactly the right combination of animation, wit, and comedic timing.

On top of how amazing this flash is as a whole, you managed to touch on exactly what i've been feeling about the portal and NG. This flash couldn't have been funnier or more well made as a whole. I take that back, you can always make it longer.

My favorite part was when they killed salad fingers. Short and to the point.

I'm also fairly certain that i voted 5 on the best movie ever.

writing flash is already hard and i sucks when you know you will never make front page. this movie has inspired me to finish the project i abandoned. Amazing work!

(also, 10/10 for killing clocks)

RSQViper responds:

Awesome, thank you very much.

Best of luck on your project and it's cool to see we inspired you to keep going on it and finish it.

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no thanks

i'm not laughing.

Gore-Hound responds:

I wouldnt expect you to, its not a comedy

This flash made me smile

I really enjoyed the art and simplicity of this flash. It could use some music though. I'll be watching for more flash from you with the same drawing style!

Should be for kids

This kind of game would extremely entertain some of my younger relatives. Art work is really good! The sound effects made me laugh too. keep it up :P

Animatrix responds:

it was designed for kids i guess.

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This song is awesome, and we used it in our platformer!

crazy crazy

I just clicked a random song of yours thinking "i wonder which one of these tom picked for the thief's forest in Castle Crashers..." and here i am. Its fate i guess. great song. I totally get a pirate feel from it, and its interesting how tom used it.

lots of good variation and contrast. very tasty song

Well played

Great job man, its saria and it rocks!

I ate your lasagna!

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